A provocative film documentary exploring the economic and emotional devastation experienced by millions of middle-aged women when they lose their roles as homemakers through divorce.

Millions of women have found themselves in this situation. These are the women who were good wives and mothers, women whose skills were honorable and are now unmarketable. These women followed all the rules of the game, and now the rules have changed. These are the women, who with their children, have become our nation’s new poor.

WHO REMEMBERS MAMA? captures heartfelt conversations with women who admit their confusion, hurt and frustration after losing their husbands and sometimes their children. The film features a realistic dramatization of a divorce trial, demonstrating the adversary system’s often devastating effects upon the participants, despite “no-fault” divorce laws.

An objective, journalistic exploration of the changing values in our society and their impact upon the family, the film shows a grim picture of child custody battles, child support payments and property settlements, presents women trapped in low-paying, dead-end jobs as it explains their economic hardships, and discusses some solutions to the problems at both the national and state level.