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“…an excellent accounting of a groundbreaking event in our feminist history. Every young man and women should see this film! I think it will become one of the most important contributions to women’s history.” – Betty Friedan, Author of The Feminine Mystique & Founder of NOW

“…evokes the struggles and triumphs of women in the golden era of the women’s movement. It is a passage through memory lane recalling the most significant moment in the history of women–the momentous Houston Conference.” – Carmen Delgado Votaw, Sr. V.P., The Alliance for Children & Families

“An important piece of 20th Century history for U.S. Women. Can be used by universities, organizations, and individuals to bring context to the 21st Century women’s movement, and energize a new generation of feminists.” – Martha Burk, National Council of Women’s Organizations

“A marvelous tribute to the women who fought on the frontlines for equal rights. You’ll walk away inspired by their energy and conviction.” – Liz Carpenter, Author and Lecturer

“Does an admirable job of evoking the wonderful spirit of Houston as well as the vital and vibrant debates in the 1970s over issues crucial to women … My students will love seeing it.” – Prof. Cynthia Harrison, Women’s Studies, George Washington University