A Love for the State Fair of Texas!

It is a tradition etched in the personal memories of millions. A place where generations have come to gaze upon the world’s tallest cowboy, to soar on North America’s highest ferris wheel and to consume the most exotic delicacies this side of the Rio Grande.

A Fair to Remember, a new documentary about the Great State Fair of Texas, captures the heart of Texas – big, spirited, and brazenly proud!

The film takes you on a roller-coaster ride chronicling the history of the Fair, from its inception in 1886 to its destination today as the largest and longest-running Fair in the country.

Dramatic archival footage, alluring interviews, and dazzling animation will entertain viewers of all ages!

Screenings in 2008

A Fair to Remember was screened at Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art in March and June 2008

More than 200 museum-goers who attended March’s third Friday at Late Night at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) filled the Horchow Auditorium to join Allen & Cynthia for the Museum’s first screening of A Fair To Remember!

Allen & Cynthia spoke briefly beforehand in March about the making of the film. Afterwards, audience members remained to ask questions of the filmmakers and reminisce about their own experiences at the State Fair of Texas. At the June screening, summer visitors to the DMA enjoyed the film and the air conditioning!

The Museum featured the film as a special event along with the Members-Only Sneak Peak of Bluebonnets and Beyond: Julian Onderdonk – American Impressionist, which opened mid-March, which featured colorful scenes of Texas landscape. Screening A Fair To Remember was a great fit!

If you weren’t able to join us this time, you may still have a chance to see the film on the “big screen”at the Museum in the future- the DMA hopes to screen our film again since audience interest and attendance was so strong! Stay Tuned!

Films in Progress

Sole Sisters

"Every Shoe has a story. Every woman has both." SOLE SISTERS will be a documentary film about women's lives seen through personal stories about their shoes. Anchored by the film, Media Projects will develop a multi-media platform with educational and entertainment experiences that include the web, theater and publishing opportunities.

The Battle For Our Neighborhood

Tells the human impact of development over the past 15 years in a Dallas neighborhood. Its story can be repeated in other cities around the country.

JOHN KIZELL: A Slave Fights Slavery

Recounts the heroic life of John Kizell - seized from his African village and brought to Charles Town, S.C. as a slave in 1773. Eventually, he returned to Africa as a free man to fight the slave trade.