Through lively question and answer sessions, America’s foremost sex and family educator shows parents, teachers and health professionals how to talk to young people in language they will understand.

Program #1 For Parents of Young Children
What’s talked about:
playing doctor, parental nudity, it’s okay not to know everything, embarrassing moments, role models, homosexuality, can you tell them too much?, wet dreams, and sex on TV.

Program #2 For Parents of Teenagers
What’s talked about:
reasons for not having sexual intercourse, birth control, teenage vulnerability, sex vs. love, risks & realities of sexual activity, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, initiating conversations with reluctant teens, and responsibility.

Program #3 For Teenagers
What’s talked about:
peer pressure, AIDs, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, abstinence, sex vs. love, self-esteem, misconceptions, boys’ lines, girls’ lines, masturbation, birth control.