Life as a teenager has changed dramatically over the years. Young people are facing challenges that many of us did not have to face until we reached adulthood. There has been a tremendous increase in exposure to violence, drugs, and discontent throughout the last decades.

As a result, children have had to grow up much faster than ever before. Without guidance and help, youth may not know where to turn or may choose to go down the wrong path. In response to these concerns, Media Projects, Inc. and CONTACT Crisis Line have developed this curriculum in order to help adults and teens deal with these difficult times.

This film touches on many triggers and stressors that affect young adults every day. It is our hope that this documentary and study guide will become a national resource for depression and suicide for young adults.

It is important when showing this film that the appropriate set up and discussion are organized for both the students and teachers. We advise all professionals and teachers to view this film and study guide prior to showing it in a classroom setting. We have added a student release for parents to sign if any school would like to use this added resource.

The documentary is split into chapters, which are aligned with additional questions, and discussion formats for small group and classroom settings. The film is approximately 33 minutes in length.

If time constraints exist, or if the chapters in the film are used for individual lessons, you will find additional questions and resources in this study guide. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or suggestions for your audience.

Thank you for purchasing this important and educational resource.

Click here to download the Discussion Guide for A Reason to Live.