“Their brief, forceful statements add up to a crash course in empowerment.”
The Met , Dallas/Ft. Worth Weekly

“I got called lazy. I got called slow. I was told I couldn’t be more than an auto mechanic or a truck driver. That’s all I would ever be…and I’m out to get something better than that for me.” – 19 year old student
“This film moved me to tears. It made me realize we don’t involve the most important persons in the decisions being made: the child.” – Judy Sullivan, Priority School Instructional Liaison, Richardson (TX) Independent School District

Finally, a poignant documentary that speaks to the experiences of students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder in the education system. This concise and evocative video presents educators the opportunity to hear students talk about the impact on their lives when the educational system has not been receptive to their needs.” – Dr. Lynda J. Katz, Ph.D., President, Landmark College, Putney, VT