Mariah was an A student. Bound for college. Today, she’s 16. Her inhalant habit has left her with poor eyesight, an impaired memory and emotional problems. She is one of several young people who share their stories about how they became addicted to sniffing and how they are struggling to rebuild their lives. Other youngsters tell why and how they were able to resist drugs and break away from friends who tried to pressure them into drinking and using drugs.

Kids Learn · about the physical and emotional damage · how peer pressure can be either an introduction to or a deterrent from drug abuse.

Features · conversations with young people in recovery · a peer counseling group in action · a drug education specialist addressing a class of youngsters · kids involved in constructive activities.

A responsible approach alerting young people to the dangers of inhalant abuse that can be used effectively with drug free schools, student assistance and D.A.R.E. programs, and in substance abuse prevention and health education in schools, juvenile probation and community agencies.