It is a tragic fact that today in America, at least 30 children, the equivalent of a classroom full of students, die every two days from a gun. Experts predict that gun violence will soon surpass motor vehicle accidents as the nation’s leading cause of traumatic death, making handgun violence a public health epidemic.

This live-action video uses three real-life cases to illustrate that guns are deadly and can lead to serious emotional, legal and physical consequences. Joe, age 13, used his parents’ gun to retaliate against a neighborhood bully. Two people were wounded in the confrontation. After a humiliating arrest and conviction, Joe is still paying the legal and social consequences two years later. Brian, age 10, accidentally shot his older sister to death while playing with his father’s gun. Brian and his parents will live with the pain and guilt of her senseless death for the rest of their lives. Marvin, a promising athlete who had been awarded a college football scholarship, was wounded in a random drive-by shooting. Marvin is now paralyzed from the waist down and is confined to a wheelchair, his dreams of an athletic career shattered.

Ideal for use by:
* classroom teachers
* counselors
* youth and community agencies
* public health departments
* law enforcement agencies
* church groups
* PTAs and other parent groups

Handguns: Made for Killing, Not for Kids delivers three strong messages to young people: never pick up a gun; guns should not be treated as toys; and guns do not resolve conflicts.

Running Time: 19 minutes