In the barrios, in the suburbs, and in rural America, kids as young as six are sniffing legal household products to get “high.” With inhalants being the third most commonly abused substance among children, every adult who works or lives with kids needs to know about the dangers of inhalants.

Through documentary footage, classroom situations, peer counseling, animated graphics, and a compelling interview with a mother and her son in recovery, parents and professionals learn · the telltale signs of inhalant abuse · the ordinary products that can be misused · how children conceal their abuse · how substances are inhaled · practical steps for effective prevention.

Ideal for staff training for · school or hospital programs · school nurses · parent groups · guidance counselors · coaches and teachers · juvenile probation · judiciary · police and public health departments.

Because this video shows the types of products commonly being misused, the producers suggest it not be shown to children without first determining the child’s degree of knowledge regarding inhalants.