Heroin Kids: Dying for Help

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I lost my freedom; I lost friends; I lost money; I lost self-respect. . . I lost everything.” – Daniel

“Looking back, I wish I’d never even known what heroin was. I’m an addict now, and I always will be. The mental addiction never goes away.” – Matt

“I knew about my sister’s drug use all along, and then she ended up dying. I should have told someone.” – David

Heroin Kids: Dying for Help tells the truth and consequences of heroin use in language that kids understand. The video includes compelling accounts from young people recovering from heroin addiction, family members who have lost a loved one to a heroin overdose and an emergency room doctor who has seen the devastating effects of heroin use. Combining the hard-edged facts with personal experiences, the video explores the physical, emotional and mental losses that accompany heroin use. It also addresses the issue of what young people should do if they know that a friend or family member is experimenting with drugs. A Discussion Guide will be included with each video.


“This video honestly captures the pain and anguish of youngsters who are caught in the grip of heroin use. It will definitely help parents and kids sit down and discuss their fears and concerns about drug use.” – Ed Cinisomo, Executive Director, DAYTOP/Texas

“Without hesitation, I recommend that Heroin Kids: Dying for Help becomes required viewing for all middle school students and their parents.” – Susan Kurlander, Prevention Coordinator, Jewish Addiction Services, Baltimore, MD

“Relevant and informative throughout. Very appropriate for upper elementary, middle school, and junior high students. ” – Kim Rothfus, Health and Physical Education Coordinator, Garland ISD; Byron Willis, Principal, Sam Houston Middle School