Six films on the life, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy for The Sixth Floor Museum at the former Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas.

Films from the Sixth Floor

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A, E, I, O & U

Chronicles the experience of three students and three literacy volunteers as they learn and grow through an adult reading program. Produced for Half Price Book Store.

Funny Women

Featuring Lilly Tomlin, Lucille Ball, Wanda Sykes, Gilda Radner and more. A humorous short film about the history of women comediennes since the advent of television in America. Shows the power of women's humor. Produced as a permanent exhibition at The Women's Museum in Dallas.

Many Facets: The Zale Legacy

A biographical documentary about the family who built the largest retail jewelry chain in the world and at the same time set up philanthropic foundations that contribute millions of dollars to worthwhile causes.

The Baylor Story: A Proud History

An engaging and fascinating history of how the inspiring vision of three men created one of the largest medical centers in Texas.

Thinking Like A Woman

A one-of-a-kind success story that tells the unique story of cosmetic entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash and how she founded a business that opened the door for women around the world to experience success on their own terms.